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Exploring the Intersection of Language, Cognition, and the Brain using AI

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Multilingual Support

OBAI platform revolutionizes automatic language analysis, offering clinicians and educators tools like instant audio transcription, in-depth grammatical insights, and seamless translation. We simplify workflows, enabling professionals to dedicate more time to their patients and students.

Automatic Cognitive and Linguistic Biomarkers

We transform speech and language into insights, extracting biomarkers from written and spoken words to assess cognitive and psychiatric health. Our technology tracks language development over time, pinpointing learning impairments with precision

Data Protection and Privacy

We store no data. We use data pseudonymisation. We prefer local processes over processes on the server. Users have the option to use only local services: please contact us.

Our Team

We are researchers, clinicians, and teachers with a focus on speech, language, and communication, on cognition, and the brain. We strive to improve the lives of individuals with language and cognitive disorders.

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Aphasia is a language disorder caused by damage to parts of the brain that control speech and language production and understanding. It is usually caused by stroke, tumor, or traumatic brain injury. Depending the brain areas that are damaged, the aphasia symptoms may vary.

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Computational Language Assessment

Open Brain AI allows to clinicians to assess language and cognition automatically. This provides both a transparency and objectivity in the assessment process but it also fascilitates clinical work allowing clinicians to focus their attention on therapy and intervention.

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Assessing Language in the Classroom

Computational Language Assessment employs tools to automatically analyze speech, language, and communication in the classroom. Computational methods enable teachers and researchers to elicit quantified, accurate, and fast measures of language functioning of their students.

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